Parker 45 Lady Pen

The Parker 45 Lady was another off-shoot from the 45 Flighter family of pens and was aimed at the female market as a pen that could be kept in your hand bag without getting caught on anything inside your bag as there was no clip on it. Often it was sold with a little soft sheath to protect the pattern from scratches.

As far as we know these Lady Pens were introduced in 1967 and came in two basic patterns called “Silver Brocade” and “Gold Brocade”.

Parker 45 Lady Pen Silver

Parker 45 Lady Pen Silver Brocade Pattern

Usually the Silver Brocade pens came with blue end cap and a blue top on the end of the cap but we have also seen ones with black plastic, silver chrome and gold caps and tops. The Gold Brocade usually had a wood effect end cap and top cap, although rarer examples have been found with gold, chrome, black, and burgundy trims


Parker 45 Lady Pen Gold Brocade Pattern

The Parker 45 Lady Pens are quite rare now and good condition examples will be highly sought after.


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